I’ll lose you.

What do you do?

when your world is falling apart

right at its seams

when you feel like you can’t

get anything right

when you’re plagued about something

something you’ve done

something so bad,

you can’t share it.

Well, knowing me,

everything is never a defense mechanism

I never fight for what I know was wrong

I just walk away

Don’t come any closer

you might just look into my eyes

and see what I’m hiding

I don’t even know how to deal

Wish I could tell you

but I can’t

My ever present conscience is here

feels like it’s haunting me

‘I know what you did’

I’m living in fear

I shouldn’t, believe me, I know

but if you ever know how

how much it hurts to even think of you

you probably would understand

why I’m too scared to let you in

yet again, I’m scared you’d go away

So scared,

I have dreams

ones in which you wake up from your slumber

and realize the person that is me

I know I’d be left in the dust then

I’m sorry

I never know what it is when it’s you

i never know the right things to say

what to be or to be not

I know I’m miles and eons away

very far from what is reality

I’m just savoring this moment

cause I think it’s ours to own it

Till I lose you

just like the wind blows,

I’ll lose you.

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