Or isn’t it?

That’s it
I give up
I’m done
Do you really want to know?
If I tell you,
Would you stay with me?
Would you hold my hand
And reassure me?
No, no no!
You won’t!
Why bother?
You don’t have to pretend to care
I don’t need it
Don’t be mad when I can’t
Answer you outright
I might need a minute
One to compose my self
So I don’t rain you in
My tears aren’t worth much
So you don’t need to bother
I can see and feel
I sense me losing this battle
My battle of will
I don’t want to hold on any longer
You will never come
Wishing for you
Is like wishing I’d be here forever
It’s impossible
You say the words
Albeit robotic
Did you spend the night memorizing them?
Did you know I would be weak today?
What gets me is when you say
Stay love
You know you can call me anytime
I’m here for you
And I’m just like
What do we have? A farce?
Do we or I really need this?
I wish you would just be by my side
I wish you would just hold me tight
I wish you would just stay with me
Be here and help me
Through the stormy night
But by the time I awoke
You would be long gone
Leaving me to wonder
What it would be like
And I see through your lies
Even when you don’t know
I know what you mean
But I hang on
Desperately wanting to believe
Holding on to the sacred thought
That you might just mean it
But today, things changed
Wonder why?
I set myself free
I realised I didn’t need you
I understood that you never wanted me
Today, I found that I am strong
Stronger than I give myself credit for
It would not be long
Before you come back
The shadows lengthen
The dusk is upon us
This time I’m going to say no.

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