I’m in the airport… ALONE!
I mean, literally I’m only one in this terminal ( apart from some people that walk by, once in a while)

After a while (which means playing on the escalator, walking around giving closed offices a wide eyed dazed look, running into and away from some randoms (they looked like biker dudes in my defence) and eating a small packet of Pringles), I get thinking.

I’m a big thinker as you’d probably not know. I like to think a lot; from what-ifs to worst case scenarios to overanalysis. I like to believe that each action we take should be planned, weighed and meditated(not yoga please). We should be able to take responsibility for our actions(hence the overanalysis).

A lot has happened over the last six months which brings my thoughts to a standstill. I can honestly say it’s been God going before, beside and behind me.
There are things, as I reflect now I realise, I would never have been able to do without his gentle nudges. I’m thankful for that blessing.
Sometimes, we’re in situations where the only hope, (as it seems) is to pull the plug but one thing we have to realise is that there’s a big picture. We have to understand that although things may not always go the way we plan, we have a purpose and all things will work together in the end.

By this time, my eyelids are drooping (what a sick irony). Normally, I have to fight for sleep (like a mate) but…(aha! “Fooled you” said the eyelid).. I knew I wasn’t sleepy. :/

Now, I’m silently begging the vending machine to give me a croissant! I hope it understands my eye movements and doesn’t think I’m retarded..
This is the beginning of the 6-hour wait for my 6am flight.. oh well.

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