I know where it glows

All the times I stayed
All the pains I bore
All the smiles I gave
To know you didn’t want them

I should know when to go
And when to be here
But my mind is saying a thing
My body is doing the other

I want to be angry
I want to lash out
To scream at you
For the pain you caused

What’s it worth?
When you can change so quick
From caring to callous
Makes me wonder what’s real

I flash back
Happy days and jolly smiles
Snow angels and sunglasses
Really, it’s been a minute

I’m just thinking
Just dreaming
I didn’t ever know you
I only thought I did

Doppelgänger for you
Is the smiley face I hate
I’d come to lean on you
Believing you’d stay

Now, when you look at me
Giving me the cold shoulder
What should I say?
We drifted apart?

For all who care
You are angry
I am hurt
Only, I am innocent

You don’t walk out on people
After making promises
Just like you say
Promises were made to be broken

But sincerely I hope
That one day, we’ll be ok
Not what we were
We’ll just be ok


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