A thousand suns

Hush child
I’m trying to work
Can you hear me?
I’ve called and called
Reached out alot
Can you feel me?

Why do you run?
Hiding from your past
Tails bent at crossroads
I’m still beside you
Though you try hard
It won’t be anytime soon

Why won’t you understand?
That I see you
Before you were formed
I knew you
With All the baggage you have
I love you

Be still, child
You can feel the wind around you
The rainbow in your eyes
The dances in the rain
And you still deny me?

Although, I know
Time and time again
You let your mind wander to me
You think of what it would be like
To take me off that pedestal
Yet, your penultimate plague won’t let you

I wish you would just let it go
Take your load and give me
I’ll carry willingly
For I love you
I will hold your hand through the dark
I’ll walk with you all the way

My child, my love
Understand what truth this is
Sitting in my palm is your name
I own the world still I chose you
With the intensity of a thousand suns
I love you


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