With me, Abide

Please stay
Pathetic I know
But I need you
I’m falling on my knees
Please stay

I’ve always hid my feelings
But I can’t anymore
Not when I know
You’re about to walk out that door
You can’t leave me here alone
So please stay

I need you
Without you I have nothing
I don’t want to be without you
Can’t imagine life without you
I’m sorry for taking too long
Just stay with me

I won’t fight it anymore
I won’t lie anymore
I wanna be yours
For you to have
Forever and always
Please stay with me

I’m sorry for all I did
I’m sorry for all I said
I thought without you
I could still be me
Looks not that way
I need you to stay

Dear lord
I’m tired of being by myself
I don’t want to figure it out
I just need you to lead me
And let me be your meek sheep
How I need you to stay

Abide with me
When I choose not to listen
Don’t leave me to myself
I’ll just fall into ruin
Take my hand and lead me home
Stay Jesus, stay


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