Broken Wings

I can’t let anybody know
Strange acts, stranger thoughts
I really don’t understand.
This dark place I belong

You’re a lamp stand
My light
You don’t show me anything
Will you explain my emotions?

Grotesque images
My brain contorted
Dark night without street lamps
Your murder, a fantasy

No joy, you’d say
I’m rowing away
Your strange thoughts, life
My subliminal messages

Holding onto your shoulders
I stand
Crawling under your broken wings
You see my silent tears
Down my cheeks they stream

Maybe life is overrated
Maybe joy is misunderstood
Love may be too much to handle
Or I’m just losing my head

We’re not ordinary people
Contrary to popular belief
We’re different, strange
Weird even

But we’ve managed to find time
To heal our broken wings
Know both love and pain
This sparrow is gonna fly again


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