My heart
My tears
My pain
You can’t relate

For so long I hoped
You were the only one
You saw through me
You understood always

I fought to be strong
Just to make you happy
Didn’t want you to get tired
Didn’t want to let you down

Everything I could
If you were happy
Then I was happy
Life’s a big mirage

Tired as I am
You’ve left me
I’m back to where I started
Just that I’m weaker

If I could burn coals
And flick them at you
Just to wake you up
For you to see reason

I thought you’d stay
ALWAYS be here when I need
I relied on you too deep
It really bites the butt

Games and games
Somewhere along the line
We lost it
Our focus and our beginning

I told you once
When this happens
We’ll never get ourselves back
I still believed the inevitable

Everyone says move on
Life sucks
Get over it
Just not the scarring tissue

Here with my lonesome self
Nursing my broken will
And my frail body
I still call to you

Can you hear me?


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