Dreams of an insomniac

Is there a particular reason you’re stuck in my head?
I can’t fall asleep and all I see is you
In my minds eye, of course
You’re never actually here

Oh I love to daydream
Impossible situations, impractical even
When I’m just full of smiles
My dreams are coming true in my head

As abstract as i am, I’m probably falling asleep
But my tummy rumbling reminds me of the half eaten sandwich
If I can keep one eye closed and reach for the counter..
I’m not hungry

This place has a weird smell to it
I can’t place it.. Nail lacquer or mist or cologne
Someone is tapping on my shoulder
But I’m not asleep, or am I?

I’m literally counting the hours till I can start the day
Should I take a shower now?
So I know I did that already.
15 minutes of extra sleep; if I manage to fall asleep at all

Or maybe I should get cooking
It always seems like my dinner takes the red eye.
I just can’t understand why I’m hungry at 4am
But then again, I’m always hungry

Somewhere in my mind, words are getting jumbled
I’m hearing noises in my head
Weirdly enough they sound like the noises my little cousin makes
With his paper planes

I really want to meet this one called sleep
So I can sock him
Who am I kidding?
I’m probably gonna go begging
On my knees.


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