Why do we fall?

Why do we fall?

The war is all up in my head
I’m doing wrong
But I can’t stop it
I’ll still pray after, right?

Bad thoughts,
All in my head
Things I would get my mouth washed for
Are things I’m thinking of

On good days
I say to myself
I can’t be tempted more than I can bear
So why do I still fall?

My body craves what isn’t right
I just came to terms with ‘flesh’
My mind’s actively working against your words
I know, but I can’t stop it

When I fast forward to the sex scene
When I let my mind wander away
I still hear your voice,
“That’s wrong”

But I choose to ignore
This nagging feeling I get when the day is over
Is worth doing all the bad I did
Or isn’t it?

When I can’t get my thoughts right
At night I’m contemplating falling on my knees
Or giving up on you
Why does it still feel like I’ll fall tomorrow?

I know I’ll fall everyday
Till I let my mind be anew everyday
Till I consciously make my decisions
Till I don’t let my body’s cravings get to me

I’ll fall
If I don’t put you first;
Learn to put my burdens on you
Learn to think happy thoughts where your peace precedes

I won’t fall
Because I’ll learn to love you
And because I love you,
I’ll fear you and do what’s right.


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