I want to be beautiful
Not the kind that people call you because you’re slim
Or because of your cheekbones
I want to be beautiful because of my disposition

Beauty is fading;
But that’s the surface
There’s the beauty from within
The one that never dies
Which will sparkle in my eyes when I laugh

I watched her pass and so did my brothers
And they went ‘that girl is very beautiful’
I could tell that she was attractive
But did they know her that well to call her ‘beautiful’?

With beauty comes grace;
I want to be beautiful
I want to be like the girls I read about; they always say good about them
She’s got a kind soul;
A beautiful heart really

I don’t want people to just see my beauty
I want them to feel it.
Fake smiles aren’t worth it,
I’d rather have you smiling just because you think of me

I want to be beautiful
I want people to see the beauty of Grace in me;
Just to have an aura of beauty; of love; of grace
To be softspoken, yet hardworking
I don’t want to be just ‘one of the guys’

To bring light to people in their darkest times;
To light up the world of somebody who might never see the light of day,
To reflect my savior with each tender glance
To show love wholeheartedly

I want to be beautiful.


3 responses to “Beautiful

  1. Nice. .I smiled when I read it… your wishes are already being fulfilled, BEAUTIFUL.!!! πŸ™‚

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