Conflicted Socialite

I don’t know what I feel
one minute I want to be lovely
Kind, compassionate, a friend of all
And the next…I want total seclusion
Quirkiness has been a trait of mine
Even I don’t understand myself sometimes

Grew to hate large groups of people
But yet, still one of the most social guys you’ll meet
One on Ones are fun!
Holding a conversation a learned skill
Digging, digging, digging
Peoples lives = My wells of entertainment

In group conversations I silently lead
Humans so eager to talk about their lives
I’m all too eager to listen
But unless things are constantly moving
My blood boils…I want change

My brain reasons
“You could be doing something more productive”
“A successful man is a man who gets things done”
“Do not be too dependent on Humans”

So I separate myself
My friends look at me confused
“Just wait a few more minutes”
The words bounce off this growing determination
“See you later guys, have fun!”

Written by my good friend, Paul
Thank you.




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