So it’s 1:33am and I’ve been writing a lot of stuff. So I just thought I’d share here. Haha some girl power creed 👽
Hope you like it!


I am a girl
I won’t stand to be disrespected
You can’t pick me up or put me down at will
Cause just like you,
I am human
No matter how you bring me down
I will not stay down
I won’t allow my self any self pity
I won’t let you run my life
I am strong
Words can’t break me
Your actions may hurt me
But just like wounds
Hurts do heal
I am wise
I won’t let myself be taken for granted
I won’t allow you step on me twice
I will learn from the first time
To avoid the second one
I am beautiful
I won’t be treated like a rag
I’ll choose only to get the love I merit
I won’t stay with you because I think you’re the only one who finds me attractive
I am fierce
Even when I love, I love fiercely
But I won’t let that love be taken for granted
I won’t go crossing oceans for people
Who can’t return the favor
I am bold
Bold to say what I want
Not afraid for my thoughts to be heard
Because I won’t be downtrodden by you
I will never settle for less than I deserve
I’ll stay in the fight till the final round
I am an overcomer20140427-013704.jpg

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