Can you find joy everlasting?
Can you be everyday happy?
Can you always have a reason to smile?
Though your past haunts you,
Can you think back and smile
At all the good days you had too?

Although you’ve done a lot of stuff
Things you’re not proud of
Thoughts in your head
You’d die if anyone heard them
Beautiful lies to hide the ugly truth
But the truth is what I know

You’ve felt weak, helpless, forsaken
Cried yourself to sleep only every night
Lost your will to leave many a time
It’s sad, how no one notices you
Nobody thinks about how you feel
The broken girl with a fake smile

Feels like so long ago
You were a “butterfly” girl
Now you feel alone, cold and empty
Just trapped in the dark cage
That holds you in its murkiness
The dark cage of your existence

You’ve trusted and gotten more broken
More times than you can count
You often joke about how you dislike it
Say you think your friends aren’t it
But behind your lies and half truths
You wish they could see deeper

You keep saying “trust no one”
People look at you weird
You still don’t trust them anyway
They’ll all let you down in the end
And you’d be right where you started
Wouldn’t that be so dandy?

How many times have you hid
Behind the stone walls of your heart?
Trying to get away from those who “care”
Cause you think they’re all liars
You don’t take compliments
They are all liars

‘Words never hurt nobody’20140628-202246-73366110.jpg

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