Domestic Violence

One of the reasons i’m in love with you
Is you always have my back
and you’re always in my corner
But if you prey on me
If you hit me
Who’s gonna protect me from you?

I don’t want to have hurt that can’t heal
There’s only so many shatterings my heart can survive
I don’t want to view the world from a dark place
Of loneliness and despair
I don’t want to fight a battle
A battle I know I won’t win

I need you to understand,
I’m weaker than you in more ways than one.
You have to be my guide and protect me
and show me that theres nothing to be afraid of
But if I’m afraid of you,
how can i live?

Tell me
Why do you always come back?
it’s a cycle,
you hit, you plead, i forgive
But there’ll be a day
You might just hit me and forgiveness will be lost.

Either because, I’m not living anymore
or I finally grew a spine
but right now, I’m begging you to listen
I can’t be scared of you
You are my world
Please don’t hit me.


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