The barriers are stronger
Yesterday, I left
This morning, they are stronger
My heart sinks

The wind is blowing
My hair is flapping about
Like a wet, scraggly stuffed toy
Hitting my shoulder fiercely

I know I should have stayed
Last night, I thought long and hard
I know I should have fought
But already, I was jaded

Fences have been built since then
No small talk, no conversation
No deep, meaningless banter

I try to scale the walls
Each time, I fall
Sliding down the edge of unbelief
My butt hurts

Would you like to pull me up?
From the other side of the wall
If you stretch your arms out my way,
I’d hold on tight

Dusk has fallen
I’m still here
Alternating between crying and silence
The gate opens.img_0473

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