What do you want from me?
What do I want from it?
I tripped and fell blindly in love
With someone I thought I knew
But I didn’t

Every day, something strange
I couldn’t keep track
Nights often, I wondered
How can one person be so fickle?
But you were

I’d decide in the morning
I’ll stay and fight for this
It doesn’t matter when
The bad hurts
More than the good heals

With every breath
I’m weighing our chances
Shall I stay and lose my mind?
Or shall I walk away
Give home a break

We’re traveling in this world
Some days, our lanes still intersect
And singe off my softening
So I do what I do best
Build back the walls


2 responses to “Lanes

  1. What happens next?
    She built back the walls, But yet hoped he’d break it down?
    I await the next post that perhaps tells his own POV.

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