Where you wander

I thought
I thought that when you became an adult
You magically knew what to do
You could meander through life
You would make all the right decisions

The little girl that was eight
Turned twenty-two still the little girl that was eight
No magic, no awakening
Just the same girl
Wiser because of life

Give grace to the boy hurting you
He is still the little boy that was eight
He is still figuring out what he is not
He is not magically mature
He is still striving at twenty-four

Smile through your memories
The innocence in your pigtails
The swing that made you giggle
The happiness you had
The happiness you have

Stay a little longer where you wander
Take your chances with life, wholesome
Laugh when you want to, cry when you need to
Be at peace with the grassroots
You are completely divine

Where you wander (Sunrise).

2 responses to “Where you wander

  1. One’s 20s (especially early 20s) is confusing and interesting.
    The way I see it,
    When we did hurt as “kids”, we made it known to our parents & family who provided guidance and moral support
    When we hurt as “adults”, we often put most of it in and close the lid, mostly from our family. And if we share, we share mostly with people our age group who still confused and figuring it out like we are.

    She needs to be selfish and put herself first. Choose what she can handle at 22.
    If she decides to give grace to the 24 years old guy, it should not be out of pity or unreasonable hope, but for her divinity !

    • yes, you are very correct.
      By giving grace, don’t expect him to know how to behave at all times, but never sell yourself short or stay in places or with people who have no regard or respect for you. Thank you for the comment!

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